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News of  November 21, 2001


GM Powertrain Massena Plant To Produce Aluminum Cylinder Heads For Future Vortec Engine

MASSENA, N.Y. – The General Motors Powertrain Massena plant has been selected to produce the aluminum cylinder head for the new inline 4-cylinder engine being added to GM’s Vortec lineup. The new engine will power future trucks for the North American market. 

Governor George E. Pataki said, “At a time when the national economy is in the midst of a serious downturn, this announcement represents a major dose of good news for the people of Massena. This deal will help bring new jobs, a $4 million private sector investment and three new manufacturing firms to Upstate New York. We applaud the decision by General Motors to make this smart investment in the Empire State, and we welcome these three manufacturers to the North Country.”

According to John Lancaster, manager of the GM Powertrain Massena Plant, the addition of this new product complements the plant’s technology and will help retain jobs in Massena. “I am very pleased that the Massena plant has been selected to produce this new product. We have taken our lost foam technology to the competitive forefront in our industry. Our success with increasing production on a very complex new product program while at the same time making continuous quality improvements laid the strong foundation necessary for the $4 million investment in our plant to accommodate the addition of this new product. Our success is a credit to our dedicated and hard-working associates and our excellent working relationship with the United Automobile Workers Local 465. We are also pleased with the support we’ve received from the state of New York.” The addition of new business to the Massena plant brings with it the need for suppliers to be located near the plant.

GM Powertrain Massena Products

The Massena plant currently produces Ecotec 2.2-liter aluminum cylinder heads and engine blocks used in the Saturn LS, several European applications and GM’s small passenger cars – Chevrolet Cavalier, Pontiac Sunfire and Grand Am, Oldsmobile Alero and Saturn VUE.

Vortec Engine Inline Strategy

According to Homi Patel, vice president and general manager, GM Powertrain Manufacturing, “The Vortec inline architecture was designed to allow for three different engine configurations -- part of our overall strategy of creating flexible architectures that can meet global customer needs. Its clean and elegant design provides customers outstanding smoothness, power and fuel efficiency.” The Vortec I4 engine is derived from the Vortec 4200 I6 engine, which is featured on the 2002 GMC Envoy, Chevrolet TrailBlazer and Oldsmobile Bravada. The inline family of engines will be manufactured at GM Powertrain’s assembly plants in Tonawanda, N.Y., and Flint, Mich.

The Vortec inline engine family shares approximately 75 percent common parts. The I4 engine provides many of the same outstanding features as the Vortec 4200 I6, including dual overhead camshafts and four-valves-per-cylinder technology. Additional engine features include electronic throttle control, variable valve timing and coil-on-plug ignition. Multec II fuel injectors, an advanced Powertrain Control Module (PCM), direct-mount accessories and easy-maintenance features are also part of the package.

(November 14, 2001)

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