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.September 10, 2003
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The 100,000th Porsche Boxster Produced In Uusikaupunki

Photo: Valmet

On the 28th of August, the 100,000th Porsche Boxster car was made at Valmet Automotive in Uusikaupunki. The Jubilee car is a silver Porsche Boxster S. It is also the first Porsche Boxster of model year 2004 to be delivered to a German customer.

In connection with the completion of the 100,000th Porsche Boxster Mr. Tapio Kuisma, President of Valmet Automotive, made a positive conclusion: We are proud that the co-operation has evolved so well and that we have become a long-term partner for Porsche AG. Dr. Wendelin Wiedeking, Chief Executive Officer of Porsche AG, emphasised the importance of the strategic partnership to the Sports car maker in Stuttgart: " Boxster continues to head the Roadster segment." Thanks to their excellent manufacturing quality, Valmet gives a special contribution to its success."


On the 3rd of September, in other words roughly 6 years ago, Valmet Automotive started the series production of Porsche Boxster cars. One year earlier Porsche had launched the middle-engine Roadster as the second model range besides the 911. From the very beginning, Boxster was met by an unexpected good demand. As Porsche AG in Zuffenhausen with good 30,000 units came to the limit of their technical capacity, a decision on additional Boxster production in Uusikaupunki was made. Valmet Automotive was the only factory who were able to assure a production launch within few months only and to meet with the high quality demands of Porsche. This agreement with Porsche AG was for Valmet Automotive an acknowledgement of many years' long-standing quality work and specialty car know-how.

The success with Porsche Boxster and its production rate in Uusikaupunki have exceeded all expectations. Therefore, in 2001 Porsche AG and Valmet Automotive signed a continuity agreement on contract manufacture of Porsche Boxster, valid till 2008 and includes an option till 2011.

In the meantime, the major part of Porche Boxster cars is manufactured in Uusikaupunki. Both in 2001 and 2002, Valmet made more than 20,000 Boxster cars for Porsche AG.

(Sept. 9, 2003)

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