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.September 24, 2003
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The New BMW 6 Series Coupe

Power and Sporting Performance in Fascinating Design


  • Dynamic performance and precision in unmistakable style

  • 4.4-liter V8 -VALVETRONIC power unit for supreme driving quality

  • Choice of three different six-speed transmissions

  • Intelligent lightweight technology for superior dynamics and agility

  • Best-in-class equipment and spaciousness

Munich - Introducing a new dream car, the 6 Series Coupe, BMW is continuing the tradition of the legendary first 6 Series (1976-1989) as well as the long history of large BMW luxury coupes through a truly fascinating synthesis of sporting performance and motoring comfort. This thrilling new sports car in its exclusive design language makes its debut at this year's Frankfurt Motor Show. Market launch is scheduled for early 2004 and the price has not determined yet, although it will be oriented to that of the new BMW 7 Series.


To be supplemented later by a 2+2-Convertible, the new BMW 6 Series stands not just for supreme dynamism and precision, but also, through ist characteristic and flowing lines, accentuates the harmony of elegant surfaces. Through its powerful and at the same time refined engine, ist outstanding sports characteristics, and ample space inside, the new BMW 645 Ci sets new standards in the Luxury Sports Coupe market.

Photo: BMW

A new sports car with unusual proportions

The BMW 6 Series Coupe stands out in particular through its stretched, classic proportions giving the car a low, long and wide appearance on the road full of flair and self-confidence. Moved far to the back, the passenger cell features a very low roof line, with contoured styling elements on the front side panels loosening up the car's silhouette. This modern design language of the exterior continues throughout the interior: Like on the new 5 Series and 7 Series, all functions relevant to motoring are directly on the steering wheel or right around it. Access to the Controller for BMW's unique iDrive control philosophy is particularly convenient and ergonomic, and all comfort functions are within easy reach also from the front passenger's seat.

A V8 for dynamic driving pleasure

The 4.4-liter V8 featuring BMW's fully variable VALVETRONIC valve control (already well-known from the 745i) provides the foundation for dynamic motoring and performance on the road. Developing 325 horsepower and a muscular torque figure of 330 lb.-ft., this smooth and powerful engine gives the new 6 Series Coupe an effortless top speed of electronically limited 155 mph, accelerating from 0-62 mph in 5.6 seconds.

Depending on the customer's preferences, there are three ways to convey this refined power to the rear axle through various six-speed transmissions:

  • With a six-speed manual gearbox.

  • With a six-speed automatic featuring STEPTRONIC control.

  • Or with a Sequential Manual Gearbox (SMG) enabling the driver to shift gears by the gearshift lever or by means of gearbox paddles on the steering wheel like in Formula One.

It almost goes without saying that the new 6 Series Coupe comes with BMW's DDC Dynamic Drive Control to provide an even more spontaneous response to the gas pedal, varying the influence of drive forces on the steering as a function of road speed, and revving up the gears to a higher speed on automatic transmission or SMG models, at the same time shifting gears even more quickly and more dynamically.

Intelligent lightweight technology for supreme agility on the road

Lightweight technology used consistently on the 6 Series Coupe makes a significant contribution to the car's supreme driving comfort, above all through the innovative combined aluminium/steel/plastic structure of the body. Much lighter than steel, the Weight-Reduced Aluminium Front (WRAF), the rear lid made of plastic, the front lid and doors made of aluminium, and the front side panels made of thermoplastic, all act together to reduce the weight of the car to approximately 3,530 lb, with axle load distribution close to the ideal of 50:50.

This consistent reduction of weight provides not only a level of performance and driving dynamics befitting a sports car, but also a standard of fuel economy most appropriate in today's world.

The highly dynamic aluminium chassis and suspension

It almost goes without saying that the excellent all-aluminium chassis and suspension of the new 6 Series Coupe come together with all relevant electronic control systems such as DSC Dynamic Stability Control including DTC Dynamic Traction Control. Two important options also available in this area are BMW's intelligent Dynamic Drive suspension system almost completely eliminating body roll in bends as well as BMW's equally unique Active Steering providing a more direct transmission ratio at lower speeds and a more indirect ratio at higher speeds. Apart from the safety features typical of BMW, the new 6 Series Coupe comes as standard with runflat tires allowing the motorist to go on driving a certain distance even when the tire is completely flat. And an important option providing even better illumination of the road ahead is the Adaptive Headlights with swivelling light beams. Automatic air conditioning is also standard.

Optional Head-Up Display and glass panorama roof

Another feature absolutely unique in the large coupe market is the Head-Up Display becoming available shortly after introduction of the new 6 Series BMW as an option and projecting information relevant to the driver into the driver's line of vision on the windscreen. Other options also available are ACC Active Cruise Control and the innovative glass panorama vent roof with an electrically retractable roof liner. Much larger than a conventional sliding roof, this very special panorama roof gives the interior an even brighter and more spacious appearance.

Talking about space, the new BMW 6 Series, measuring 89.8 in length, 73.0 in width, and only 54.1 in height, provides ample dimensions within the passenger compartment. A genuine 2+2 seater, it offers even the two passengers at the rear adequate freedom of space and its extra-large luggage compartment is able to accommodate two golf bags as well as an additional case. Last but certainly not least, the standard audio system gives the car's occupants an experience in sound they would otherwise only enjoy with the most sophisticate d home entertainment systems.

(Sept. 23, 2003)

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