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April 26, 2006

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2006 Land Rover G4 Challenge Stage 1 - Day 1 - Challenge Start

Photo: Land Rover

Bangkok, Thailand - For the 18 competitors there was no gentle ease into the Land Rover G4 Challenge - this was 100%, full-on, 'take us to the limit' stuff from the word GO!

In record temperatures at a baking hot but beautiful arena set up in the heart of Bangkok, the 18 competitors in the Land Rover G4 Challenge got their first taste of competition with a punishing but rewarding start event in Sanam Luang Park.




Once competitors were paired-up for the start event that included hellishly physical demands such as mountain biking a 150 metre course to then drag their Range Rover Sport from its shipping container, pulling a kayak on wires high above the ground, guiding their partner across a set of narrow logs in the Range Rover Sport and hand-winching a 600kg Tuk Tuk (three-wheel Bangkok taxi) up off the ground. This was the initial test for these pairings, who will remain paired for the first week of the month-long event.

Joining Russia/Greece and Italy/Taiwan in the final heat were the British/German double act of Brian Reynolds and Robert Josef Schweiger. Right up to the end there was little between the British/German and Greek/Russian pairs. But Dimitry of Russia and Michael of Greece got a better finish in the end - and eventual victory.

The eventual runners-up were not too disappointed. Only a week ago Brian Reynolds was training in snow at home. "To nearly win the opening competition in almost 40 degree temperatures was a real achievement. This was a perfect start to the event for me and knowing now that Robert and I are a good team is really exciting," he said. "I can't wait to get into Laos and get our teeth into the next competition."

(April 24, 2006)

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